And if you try I will deny
Every mistake that you've done
And if I try I can survive
And just stay alive, for a while

No, no, my heart won't beat like that
Yes, yes, you'll go and you'll regret
This time, oh this time
I will not fall for you
This life, in this life
No, what am I gonna do without you?

And if you try I can't deny
Because you make me so weak
And must I try, oh will I survive?
If you will leave me alive
And don't let me just fall far behind

Will I be okay if I let it go?
Will I be okay if I let myself fall so easily
Like last time, like all the times
I won't go oh, I can't go no
No, no, no no no!

And if I try I will deny
I will surely deny myself
And I'll surely lose myself...