Olufemi: beloved of the gods.

This is an old story that I had to write for English class. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, in Egypt beautiful queen Cleopatra fell in love with Ramses, prince of Persia.
Ramses wanted to marry her, but first she refused this marriage. But at the same time, the great god of Cats asked her to be his goddess. She refused the last one and she confessed that she loved Ramses. And because of the grief and anger she had caused to the proud god of Cats, he killed and burned her in flames. The only witness was Olufemi, the loyal servant of Cleopatra. Olufemi was only a child, she was young and naive. Seeing this horrible and undeserved murder, she yelled out and the great god of Cats had discovered her. She ran away, but she could not hide...
When people realised this murder, they thought that Ramses was the guilty one: they knew that Cleopatra had refused this marriage. Olufemi being the only witness, knew that only she herself can protect him. At the same time she had an affection for Ramses. She wanted to tell the truth to the people but their reaction was not the wanted one at all: everyone laughed at her, no one believed her. And so, Ramses went to prison and the penalty was: execution. Meanwhile, Olufemi had prayed to the god of Dogs, the brother of the god of Cats to convince him to tell the truth to the people.
This prayer was heard, but the stubborn god of Cats didn't do anything. On that night, Olufemi had a dream: she saw Ramses in his cell and suddenly dogs were breaking into his cell, they killed the guards and set Ramses free and took him away. When she woke up from that nightmare she knew that something was going to happen. The morning after she heard the knews: the prisoner disappeared. Olufemi knew what to do. She ran up on a mountain near the prison and she saw dogs running after a floating spot. It was Ramses, the god of Dogs took him away.
At last, Olufemi could calm down, her love was in safe. Olufemi thought to herself, looking far off:
'At last, he was far, far away...'