Ah, those dreams...

What the fuck is with my mind? I can't get my past out of my head, those fucked up memories always haunt me. Why me?
And every single night these times I dream about fearful things. I mean, the stuff that I fear of come true in my dreams and that's something very miserable. I can't find my way in this world.
What should I do? I'm messed up again. One night my family gets killed from some stupid toxins and then I wake up before I die and I feel that miserable feeling in my heart like someone's pushing it. And then my pet dies or whatever happens and then... Well I don't really remember what's happened last night and it's much better this way.

Well, calm down, there's always a way. Everything's going to be all right. You'll find your future the way you could escape from your past. That's the way to do it.

Well, that's optimism. And this is the way to calm yourself down. Even this blog is a big mess, jeez...

Volunteers to face the fears, can we be sensible

And find a way to break the fall, find out the cure for all

"Is there a hero somewhere someone who appears and saves the day, someone who holds out a hand and turns back time? Is there a hero somewhere someone who will never walk away, who doesn't turn a blind eye to a crime?"